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Argentina,1980. Ana, a teenager whose father was taken by the dictatorship, wants to taste life and fulfill her desire to dance. She is torn by her wish of a colorful life and the monotone wait for her father.

Directed by Yael Bibelnik.

Music Credits:

Conductor: Shmuel Elbaz

Viola: Michael Rozenblum

Orchestra: Symphonette Ra'anana

Violin and Cello: Alon Judkovsky

Vocals: Augusto Manna

Guitars, Bass and Keys: Sapir Matityahu

Mix: Ran Baumwallspinner

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ספיר מתתיהו - שקרנית | Sapir Matityahu - Shakranit

ספיר מתתיהו - שקרנית | Sapir Matityahu - Shakranit

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Episode 1

Episode 1

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